Saturday, April 18, 2015

I was nominated for the Liebster Award for bloggers

The Liebster Award is an award given to bloggers from other bloggers to welcome newbies to the blogosphere.  It’s a way to not only recognize and promote new blogs, but to facilitate bloggers getting to know each other in the blogging community.

Thanks Owl. And now I'll answer your 11 questions--as well as try to think of people I can nominate.

  1. Name two things that you absolutely love about kdramas.
    *I love that they (usually) have a beginning, middle, and end. A frustration I have with US television is that often a series will just quit in the middle of a story, (Pushing Daisies, I'm still mourning you)--or go on forever.
    *It's like a whole new world (sing that in your best Aladdin voice) of stories, actors, writers, film makers, etc. has opened up to me now that I've discovered K-dramas.
  2. Name one thing that you absolutely hate about kdramas.
    *Noble idiocy. (Why, if you find out the man you love also loves you, would you FOR ANY REASON leave him?)
  3. What is one of your favorite books? Why?
    *A Wrinkle In Time (Because it was the first book I ever cried while reading.)
  4. If you could visit Korea, name three things you would like to see or places you would like to visit.
    *Jeju Island
    *The village where the 2 Days 1 Night cast were given pretend grandmothers.
  5. Is there a food you eat now because of kdramas?
    *I learned how to make Korean pancakes. (Extra bonus: I use my own garden produce.)
  6. Do you have any obsessions?
    *A better question would be am I not obsessive about anything. I obsess over way too much stuff.
  7. Other than kdramas, what else Korean do you watch/listen to?
  8. Because of kdramas, I (finish the sentence)
    *I am closer to my family. We now all watch Running Man and discuss episodes with each other.
  9. Have you incorporated Korean words into your vocabulary? If so, which ones?
*Yes. Daebak. (My youngest daughter, who introduced me to K-Dramas, used inheritance money from her grandmother to visit her sister in China, Hong Kong, and Korea. While in Seoul, a native told her that her pronunciation was almost perfect. Mine? Not so much.)
  1. Night owl or morning person?
    *definitely morning.
  2. What kdrama genre(s) do you prefer?
    *rom com and historical

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Unknown said...

Owl here. I had a blast reading your answers, Wag_a_Muffin, and love that Korean dramas have made your family closer. I don't know if you saw the most recent k-variety show, The Human Condition, but the theme was books and the guys (minus Taegyu) had an appalling lack of exposure to books/reading in general. Your book choice, A Wrinkle in Time, would be a fun and enlightening read for this group. Well, morning person, I am probably going to bed when you are getting up, so here's a passing hello to a day writer from a night reader! Thanks for participating, and happy K-blogging to us both!


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