Saturday, June 11, 2016

My Alternative Ending for "CHEESE IN THE TRAP"

 You know how sometimes you are watching a K-Drama that starts out so good, but then kind of goes nuts. And you wonder, "what in the heck is the writer thinking????"

Well, that happened to me  watching, "Cheese in the Trap."

And it bugged me so much I had to fix it.

So here is

 Compelled to trust the kind stranger, because he's opened up and confessed his bizarre situation, Seol explains her dilemma.
 The kindly baseball player has a good idea. Why not look at each option, side by side?
 Poor In Ho is looking worse and worse. And Yoo Jung, because of his wealth is in the early lead, until Seol remembers more about him. . .
 This question causes Seol to pause.
It is her husband and children, here to take her out for lunch. So who do you think she chose, dear readers? (Did I give you enough hints?)


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