Saturday, June 11, 2016

My Alternative Ending for "CHEESE IN THE TRAP"

 You know how sometimes you are watching a K-Drama that starts out so good, but then kind of goes nuts. And you wonder, "what in the heck is the writer thinking????"

Well, that happened to me  watching, "Cheese in the Trap."

And it bugged me so much I had to fix it.

So here is

 Compelled to trust the kind stranger, because he's opened up and confessed his bizarre situation, Seol explains her dilemma.
 The kindly baseball player has a good idea. Why not look at each option, side by side?
 Poor In Ho is looking worse and worse. And Yoo Jung, because of his wealth is in the early lead, until Seol remembers more about him. . .
 This question causes Seol to pause.
It is her husband and children, here to take her out for lunch. So who do you think she chose, dear readers? (Did I give you enough hints?)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

K-Toon: Everybody Loves Ramen!

 I'm so excited about the first episode of my newest K-drama starring IU. (She is just so cute. I loved her on Infinity Challenge!) Maybe she'll sing at some point. I love her voice. If I could figure out a way for her to sing in a toon, I'd do it!

 But once they sit down to eat their sumptuous meal, Cha Hee is displeased about something.

I wanted to draw a K-drama where the sisters were actual friends. (Too often the younger sister is a brat or the older sister is selfish and conceited.) I like dramas where the family members seem to genuinely like — even if they do get frustrated with — each other.
Today's episode stars Stephanie Lee (because I really liked her in Yong-Pal and am giving her a co-starring role in my toon). Here are the two sisters, sharing what happened during their day in their bedroom. . .

 I don't think I'd want my mother trolling the neighborhood for possible boyfriends, but Eomma Ra only does it because she loves her daughters. This is evidenced by how excited she is when she rushes home with the NEWS!

 Well, that just reeks! Poor Jin-Ji, it looks like Shi-On is more interested in her little sister. And it's not like Ra Mi-An was playing all femme fatale, flirty with her date. How could he be interested in someone who had kimchi all over her pink rubber gloves? What will happen next? Will Mi-An be disloyal and date her sister's crush?
Ah, in the immortal words of J. Geils, "love stinks!"
Today's episode begins in the sisters' bedroom.

 Mi-An was a loyal sister, and Jin-Ji's best friend. So when Shi-On called her phone (repeatedly) asking to see her, she wouldn't even  talk to him. Finally, he stopped by their house. . .
 Later, that night before bed, Mi-An described what had happened to Jin-Ji.

Isn't that just how romance is? The guy you like, likes your sister. The guy you hate, likes you. And probably the guy you think is G-Dragon will turn out to be some old man with the same name.
The next morning the three Ra Women ate breakfast before Jin-Ji's shift at the station began. As soon as Eomma opened her mouth it was obvious that she was listening at the girls' bedroom door at night.

I know it's because she loves them. But why don't mothers listen when you tell them not to "help" you find a husband.
Who do you think Mama Ra will set up her daughters with next?
And is it the real Kwon Ji-Yong, (G-Dragon) who has a reservation for Mi-An's gorilla cafe? Or is it an abogi with the same name?  Keep reading to find out!

Everybody Loves Ramen! (middle episodes)

 As we left last episode, Jin-Ji was just getting ready to leave for work. Let's see what happened when she got there.

 Whoo hoo! Isn't that just like life. When you think everything stinks, a cute guy you've never noticed confesses to you in your patrol car. (Well, that's never happened to me, actually, but I'm happy for Jin-Ji.) Let's see what happens as she gets ready for "the big date."
 Just then, Mi-An's phone music goes off. . .
 But sometimes LIFE gives you lemons — and sometimes it gives you G-dragon and his date.
 After listening to him yell for a while, G-dragon's date calms him down with an observation. And then, Mi-An makes an observation of her own.

It looks like Mi-An's problem is solved, for now. She showed her guests to the dining room where a sumptuous, sixteen-plate meal awaited them. (First she led G-dragon's date to the restroom where she could remove her "Louis Vuitton" and refresh herself so she didn't have expensive-bag-hair.)
But, I am sure you are all wondering how Jin-Ji's evening is going.
Let's check. . .
 As we start episode 5, the big question is does Gyo have the hots for Mi-An, too? Poor Jin-Ji! Poor Mi-An, are three guys going to stalk her now? 

 Wow. Lucky Jin-Ji. And poor Mi-An. I wonder what kind of guys her mother is going to set her up with?
 After dating the baby, she dutifully goes out with an old man, an executioner, and a shaman. (What was her mother thinking?)
 Finally, Mi-An reached the breaking point. In her estimation, Mi-An had fulfilled her filial duties. And so she told her mother. . .
Is this how Mi-An's story will end? And what is happening with Jin-Ji and Gyo? Are they going to live happily ever after? Please click on the final episode to see what happens.

Everybody Loves Ramen! Final Episodes

Don't you just hate it when every guy you meet falls instantly in love with you? Yeah, it's never happened to me, either, but it is our female lead's dilemma. And she does hate it.
If you remember last episode, Mi-An went hermit on us and withdrew from society. Her days and nights are spent watching videos and eating take out jjajangmyeon.
That's where we begin today.

 Meanwhile, Jin-Ji and Gyo are having a serious discussion. . .
 What a strange proposal. Gyo is sweet, but kind of socially awkward. I wonder if Jin-Ji accepted?

Well, I suppose if you want to make sure a guy's not going to be infatuated with you, the best way is to show him your hairy legs?
Still, I wonder if the jjajangmyeon delivery guy will do now?

So, he's going to be her friend.
I seriously hope he doesn't like her, because if I've learned one thing from my K-drama watching addiction, it is that the nice guy-good-friend NEVER gets the girl.
Still, I'm happy that he's getting Mi-An out of her funk.
 Is that psychologically tricky or what? Did you notice how he not only got her to leave the TV, but now he's getting her to go back to doing the thing she loved, run her gorilla cafe? He is quite the smart 2nd lead, isn't he? (Or, considering all her admirers, he's probably technically more the 10th lead.)
 And if you're wondering what happened to her "stalkers," keep reading. . .
 It's finally here! The episode I know you've been drooling for since the drama began. Will Ra Mi-An find happiness? Will Jin-Ji find a guy taller than she is? Will their mother stop setting them up on blind dates? Will Mi-An's stalkers ever give up? These and MANY other questions will be answered today.
Today's drama starts when Mi-An meets D.B. for an outing. He told her to "dress casual," and he meant it.

 Ovine-phobia? The fear of sheep?  I smell a plot twist. . .

 And that's the end.
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