Thursday, November 27, 2014

Korean RomComs--Claire tries to explain to her mom why they are called Romance Comedies.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The 5 Stages of K-Drama Addiction. Do You Have DramaFever?

I am so grateful to DramaFever for letting me publish my work on their site. I drew this toon after learning it was DramaFever's birthday. (Who knew sites celebrated birthdays?)

And yes, I admit it. I am addicted to Korean Television.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Korean RomCom: Saeng Jwi--Kimchi Genius

This is the first (almost) full length Korean Drama toon I posted. I used a lot of the romantic comedy tropes (cliches) that are present in many Korean television romcoms. If you have a question or want to say something to me, make a comment. 

K-RomCom: Kimchi Genius (Part 2)

Why is good news so feared in a K-Dramas? Because it means bad news is sure to follow. And on a side note, why do I find myself always shipping the 2nd lead?

K-RomCom: Kimchi Genius (part 3)

Burning questions are answered! Birth secrets are uncovered! (Oh, I didn't see this coming at all!)

K-RomCom: Kimchi Genius (Final)

Oh, (sniff) I love and hate final episodes at the same time. I love them because (hopefully) they wrap everything up. But I hate them because they mean I won't be seeing these people I have grown to love (or hate) every week any longer. Well, grab a Kleenex because here is the final installment of Saeng Jwi, Kimchi Genius

Every Korean Drama in 10 Episodes. . .1 through 5

I watch Korean Television Dramas. I like them better than US TV. I also draw cartoons. If I notice something odd, I will draw a toon about it. I noticed Korean Dramas (although I love them) often have similar plot points.
I sent this cartoon to DramaFever, a site I subscribe to and watch "my shows" on, just for fun. And (shock) they featured it in their "news." I got over one thousand facebook and twitter shares. So I asked if they'd like me to draw more and (shock again) THEY HIRED ME! I am getting paid to draw cartoons.
This is the toon that started it all:

Every Korean Drama in Ten Episodes. . .6 through 10


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