Tuesday, April 12, 2016

K-Toon: Everybody Loves Ramen!

 I'm so excited about the first episode of my newest K-drama starring IU. (She is just so cute. I loved her on Infinity Challenge!) Maybe she'll sing at some point. I love her voice. If I could figure out a way for her to sing in a toon, I'd do it!

 But once they sit down to eat their sumptuous meal, Cha Hee is displeased about something.

I wanted to draw a K-drama where the sisters were actual friends. (Too often the younger sister is a brat or the older sister is selfish and conceited.) I like dramas where the family members seem to genuinely like — even if they do get frustrated with — each other.
Today's episode stars Stephanie Lee (because I really liked her in Yong-Pal and am giving her a co-starring role in my toon). Here are the two sisters, sharing what happened during their day in their bedroom. . .

 I don't think I'd want my mother trolling the neighborhood for possible boyfriends, but Eomma Ra only does it because she loves her daughters. This is evidenced by how excited she is when she rushes home with the NEWS!

 Well, that just reeks! Poor Jin-Ji, it looks like Shi-On is more interested in her little sister. And it's not like Ra Mi-An was playing all femme fatale, flirty with her date. How could he be interested in someone who had kimchi all over her pink rubber gloves? What will happen next? Will Mi-An be disloyal and date her sister's crush?
Ah, in the immortal words of J. Geils, "love stinks!"
Today's episode begins in the sisters' bedroom.

 Mi-An was a loyal sister, and Jin-Ji's best friend. So when Shi-On called her phone (repeatedly) asking to see her, she wouldn't even  talk to him. Finally, he stopped by their house. . .
 Later, that night before bed, Mi-An described what had happened to Jin-Ji.

Isn't that just how romance is? The guy you like, likes your sister. The guy you hate, likes you. And probably the guy you think is G-Dragon will turn out to be some old man with the same name.
The next morning the three Ra Women ate breakfast before Jin-Ji's shift at the station began. As soon as Eomma opened her mouth it was obvious that she was listening at the girls' bedroom door at night.

I know it's because she loves them. But why don't mothers listen when you tell them not to "help" you find a husband.
Who do you think Mama Ra will set up her daughters with next?
And is it the real Kwon Ji-Yong, (G-Dragon) who has a reservation for Mi-An's gorilla cafe? Or is it an abogi with the same name?  Keep reading to find out!

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