Thursday, November 6, 2014

K-RomCom: Kimchi Genius (Final)

Oh, (sniff) I love and hate final episodes at the same time. I love them because (hopefully) they wrap everything up. But I hate them because they mean I won't be seeing these people I have grown to love (or hate) every week any longer. Well, grab a Kleenex because here is the final installment of Saeng Jwi, Kimchi Genius


Odessa Jones said...

I love the before and after pics! Especially when Jabba the Hutt and Pororo make appearances. "What are the odds that both our moms got eaten by fish?" So totally awesome. Kimchi Genius is a great title, BTW.

K-Toons by Fox said...

Thank you. And Odessa Jones, you are my FIRST comment. (Whoo hoo!)


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