Friday, December 26, 2014

Cast and Preview for LUCKY DUCK-YOUNG, my original Korean Drama Historical Toon, first published exclusively on DramaFever

Hi. My last name is Fox and I draw Korean Drama Toons. The above drawing ^ is the cast for my toon, Lucky Duck-Young.
At the time I drew this, both Song Joong-Ki (who played Duck-Young) and Yoo Seung Ho (who played the villainous Kwak-Kwak) were in the Korean Military, and unavailable for roles. However, because I'm in charge of my drama, and can draw whomever I want, I was able to cast them both! All the people drawn are actual Korean actors and actresses.

BUT the "screenplay" came entirely from my imagination and none of the characters depicted were patterned after real people, living or dead. All the events were fictional too.

Also, just because I want you all to know, no real tigers were harmed in the making of this toon.

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